The platform allows you to participate in the remote online mentoring program for free without leaving home. Get the support of a professional mentor, free distance consultation and coaching tailored to your individual needs in the following areas: Entrepreneurship, Communication and Leadership.




The website was created by the project “Empowerment of Women through Public and Economic Participation”, which is implemented with the support of the British foundation BEARR TRUST. The target group of the site is women and young people interested in leadership, civic participation and entrepreneurship. The platform integrates both online remote mentoring and coaching services, as well as resources, useful information, and current opportunities in entrepreneurship, communication, and leadership.


PEC is Georgian NGO, which unites academic experts and civil society activists to ensure the realization of human rights and democratic values in Georgia, promote access to education and civic participation mechanisms for youth and women, through strengthening advocacy at the local, national and international level, developing communication strategies for civil society actors as well as promote non-formal education among youth.